Our Project Spotlight feature showcases the work of our researchers and contributors. First up is Think Latin America Canada, Think Canada Latin America:

Poster for "Think Latin America Canada, Think Canada Latin America", featuring photos of Steve Nadon and project founder Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas, as well as quotes about the project.

As one of the first objectives for Seedling for Change in History, “Think Latin America Canada, Think Canada Latin America” seeks to nurture a stronger relationship between Canada and Latin America, and to emphasize shared histories, both nationally and interpersonally. For those using screen readers or unable to view the image above, the poster contains the following information:


Think Latin America Canada, Think Canada Latin America — Seedling for Research, Seedling for Change: Making Connections to Create Value

(Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas, Associate Professor, Department of History, Brock University)

“The ability to make history beyond national borders or continental masses of land is not the prerogative of imperial powers. A country’s or a region’s history also happens beyond its geographic boundaries. Canada and Latin America can look for their own past in each other’s history. The journey into the history of Latin American that has happened in Canada is a journey into an idea of Latin America uniquely made in Canada.” – Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas, 4 November 2015.

Latinoamérica Canadiense

“La prerrogativa de hacer historia más allá de las fronteras nacionales no es exclusiva de los imperios. La historia de un pais o una región también sucede más allá de sus límites geográficos. Canadá y América Latina pueden recontrar su propio pasado en la historia del otro. La historia latinoamericana canadiense la hacen personas de distintos origenes y herencia cultural, sucede en cada espacio en el que la idea de latinoamérica cobra vida en Canadá, y se enriquence con los elementos que son propios de la geografía, culturas, e historia canadienses. El viaje al interior de la historia de América Latina que ha ocurrido en Canadá es un viaje fascinante al interior de la historia canadiense y a una América Latina que es distintivamente canadiense.

“El patrimonio cultural e histórico canadiense se entrelaza con el latinoamericano, muchas veces de manera insospechada. Encontramos ejemplos de esto en publicaciones académicas, en espacios de instituciones públicas, en iniciativas de la sociedad civil, y en el diario vivir de personas de distintos origenes en Canadá.” – Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas, 4 de noviembre 2015.

(See also Martinez Mendez, Canadá y América Latina, unidas en la historia, Radio Canada International, Monday 9 November, 2015. http://www.rcinet.ca/es/2015/11/09/canada-y-america-latina-unidas-en-la-historia/ )

“We are making history together, we are realizing the history that is shared and making it happen and making it emerge. Moments of producing can happen anywhere. The first moment it happens is when someone asks you for your name. These two worlds meeting and the two having the patience to listen to each other. It is not automatic – it can take a minute or a year. Connecting Canada and Latin America unleashes these journeys of discovery.” – Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas 2016.


If you’d like to hear more information about this project, ask your questions in the comments section, get in touch with us on social media, or feel free to email Maria directly at msuescunpozas@brocku.ca