Our Team & Talent

We are not anonymous. Below are the people who make up our organization, past and present:


  • Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas Ph.D. (Multimedia & multimedia genre artist historian)

Senior Researcher:

  • Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas Ph.D.

Assistant Senior Researcher:

  • Ruth Barlett

Fellow Researchers:

  • Allan Edgington (Historian)
  • David Jennings (Historian)
  • David Howell (History Major)
  • William Pidzamecky (Historian)
  • John Raimondo (Historian)
  • Anas Shaikh (Nomadic Architect)

Seed Researchers:

  • Laura-Lee Karen Burey (History Major)
  • Ryan Laxton (History Major)
  • Chris Mcgivern (History Major)

Independent Historians:

  • Jacob McIntosh
  • Adrian Petry
  • Trudy Tattersall
  • Cameron Ward

Project Managers:

  • Lina Aristizabal
  • Anas Shaikh

Environment and Sustainability Project Coordinator:

  • Cesar Rafael Maldonado Mercado

Academic Community Engagement Coordinators:

  • John Raimondo (Spring-Summer 2016)

Seed Researchers Coordinators:

  • John Raimondo (Spring-Summer 2016)

Resourcing and Reproduction Rights:

  • Lesley Bell

Digital Dream Lab

  • Tabitha Lewis (Coordinator)
  • Dan Nardone
  • Nicole Prudden (Web & Graphic Design)

Social Media/Marketing & Communication

  • Dan Nardone (Spring-Summer 2016)
  • David Jennings

Editor of Dispatches / The Seedling Dispatch

  • Steve Nadon

Artist in Residence

  • Julia Rose Simone

Archive and Memory

  • Lesley Bell

Artist Healer 

  • Pamela Maw