Seedling for Change is an initiative that transcends the divides between academic disciplines, practice, and the community. Researchers, practitioners, and the community at large get together to work in a multi-disciplinary environment. The gifts and talents of the many members of this knowledge community converge in interdisciplinary poetic acts. Making connections, we create value.

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Who are we?

Seedling for Change is an international network of senior researchers, junior researchers, seed researchers, organizations across all sectors, and members of local communities. Our home base is in the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada. As for who, specifically, our members are, we list all of our members, contributors and friends in our Credits & Gratitude section.

What do we do?

We preserve, promote, and expand cultural heritage on a local, regional, national and global scale. We also engage in community outreach and service learning, helping to bridge gaps, and find – and create – shared experiences and histories. We have participated in projects throughout the world, in such places as India, the Himalayas, and Japan, and we seek to continue expanding our horizons, to plant seedlings for change all over the world.

How do we do it?

By collaborating with local communities. Wherever a human connection can bring about positive change, we aim to be there.

Where do we do it?

Niagara and beyond.

We are more than a University organization, and more than a think tank. We are an open air, action tank working on the history of the future. We are multimedia, multi genre researchers  with many talents. We put all our talents and craft to work to hold together in the present, the past, and the future. What drives us is curiosity. Through engaged scholarship we dissolve the walls that set the University from the community apart. In our work the history of the future is enacted.  What we do is where we happen. We happen worldwide, now.

We advance original scholarship in multimedia / multi-genre form. Some of the media we have worked through have included:

Monographs, Edited volumes, Refereed journal articles, Book reviews and book chapters, Conference presentations, Colloquia and symposia, Workshops, Curatorial work, Museum and art gallery exhibits, Museum and art gallery web-based exhibits, Investigative news reports, Press editorials, Photojournalism, Photography, Foreign Corresponding, Social Media, Poetry, Visual essays, Visual arts, Visual poetry, Documentary Film, Video clips, Websites, Animation, 3D modelling, Virtual Fora, Augmented or virtual reality, Simulations, and Games

Where can I learn more?

Please see our Contact page to find out how you can get in touch with us via e-mail and social media.


Information for Students

Brock University Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum

Students are seed researchers when they participate in Seedling for Research in History courses listed below. Go to ExperienceBU|ExperiencePlus|InternationalPlus

and look for

MonarchAndMilkweed2Seedling for Research in History


Domain Objectives

Arts & Culture Students will develop their understanding of different aesthetic forms; and have opportunities to participate in or contribute to a variety of artistic experiences.
Brock Spirit Students will develop their appreciation of the history, values and culture of Brock University; contribute to on-campus traditions and activities; and identify as proud members of the Brock community.
Career Preparation  Students will develop their understanding of transferable skills and career interests; identify future opportunities; and learn how to prepare for employment and further education.
Community Engagement Students will develop their respect for community involvement; become engaged citizens; and commit to serving and dedicating time to others within Niagara and beyond.
Diversity and Inclusion  Students will recognize and develop their understanding of diverse perspectives; and demonstrate accepting and inclusive attitudes and behaviours.
Global Awareness  Students will increase their global and cultural awareness; explore environmental, social justice, and political issues; and develop an understanding of interconnectedness in the world.
Health & Wellness Students will develop their appreciation for lifestyle choices that promote holistic well-being; and adopt personal strategies for self-care.
Innovation  Students will develop their understanding of what it means to be innovative; and investigate, design and implement a new, or improve upon an existing concept, initiative, product or process.
Leadership & Teamwork  Students will develop their leadership and teamwork skills; apply knowledge through practical experience; and work collaboratively toward shared goals.
Personal Growth  Students will explore their strengths, talents and tendencies; recognize the need for self-awareness and continuous learning; and challenge themselves in new ways.



Students may choose to focus their work along three streams:

Stream 1 – Academic
Focus on reading, writing, primary and secondary source analysis in history, with some degree of contact with broader specialized and non-specialized knowledge communities.
Students in the Academic stream may find this site to be a useful source for research topics and academic resources.

Stream 2 – Experiential Learning
Focus on reading, writing, primary and secondary source analysis in history, with some degree of contact with broader specialized and non-specialized knowledge communities through Academic Community Engagement.
Students in the Experiential Learning stream may find this site to be a helpful source for community contacts and inspiration, as well as academic resources.

Stream 3 – Research
Focus on reading, writing, primary and secondary source analysis in history, with some degree of contact with broader specialized and non-specialized knowledge communities through Academic Community Engagement as a member of a multi-disciplinary research collective.
Students in the Research stream will have the chance to interact with Seedling For Change community members directly, and will likely see their work displayed on this website. Depending on the nature of their research, they may even be able to contribute to this website directly!

Please note that experiential learning and community engagement will be integral, in various degrees of depth to your academic experience in this course. Academic, experiential, and community engagement objectives are intertwined.

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