Today’s Project Spotlight showcases another one of Seedling for Change‘s partners: the Niagara Historical Society & Museum in Niagara on the Lake:

Poster featuring the Niagara Historical Society and Museum, as well as one of its exhibits

The Niagara Historical Society & Museum, along with the beautiful building in which it is housed, can be a valuable resource for researchers. Featured presentations by the Society that may be of interest to Seedling for Change participants over the next few years include:


  1. Movie Series at the Museum. Pick a Latin American movie to present for one of the Monday night series.
  2. A lecture on Collections and Museums in Latin America.
  3. Mix and Mingle on Travels in Latin America.
  4. Lecture on the First World War and Latin America.


  1. Exhibition/research assistance for the 2017 exhibition.
  2. Lecture on Latin America Canada and/or Niagara connections.
  3. Mix and Mingle on Travels in Latin America.


  1. Educational trip to Latin America for members.


Do any of these upcoming events interest you? If so, definitely check out the Niagara Historical Society & Museum for more information on how you can get involved. We also invite you to get in touch with Seedling for Change in History through the comments section on this post!