Photo of students from the Puga Valley Nomadic Residential School

The Puga Valley Nomadic Residential School in Ladakh, India need your help to make their ice hockey dreams come true! Do you want to help us with our latest community outreach initiative? Read on for details on how you can get involved!



We recently released the following call to action:

Dear Friends,

The children and teachers of Puga Valley Nomadic Residential School of Ladakh, India have a dream: to play ice hockey at 14,107 feet (4,300 m) of altitude on the highest ice hockey rink in the world.

Nomadic peoples of the eastern Himalayan plateau in the region of Ladakh voluntarily send some of their children to this remote school expecting their children to do what most children do at school: study, play, meet strangers and make friends, seek adventures, and let the imagination loose. Eight months out of twelve Puga Valley is covered on snow and ice. Conditions to build an outdoor ice hockey rink and play ice hockey are ideal. Other children in Ladakh already do it. Why not the children at Puga Valley Nomadic Residential School? Frozen Himalayas, an outdoors sport company based in Leh, Ladakh and the Seedling for Change in History international network teamed up to make this dream come true and begin work on future first ever Puga Valley nomadic Olympic players out of the first generation of nomadic children attending school.

The Seedling for Change in History Ice Hockey Olympic Challenge aims at supplying the children of Puga Nomadic Residential School with equipment and gear for 40 players and 4 goalies, building an outdoor rink, setting up 4 teams of boys and girls ages 7-16, training, and begin seedling Olympic players.


You can support this dream by helping us in three areas:

Spreading the word:

  • Be part of our value creation cycle
  • Multiply our message by talking to family, friends, teachers and school principals, coaches


  • Go over personal equipment and gear at home and school
  • Select equipment and gear that is suitable for reuse
  • Organize a donation drive in your neighborhood, school classroom, school, church, club
  • Donate
  • Storing


  • Organize your own events
  • Collect among friends and family
  • Give

This ice hockey Olympic dream is a vehicle to support nomadic children of Puga Valley in the areas of education, health, culture, enviromental conservation, and strentghen the nomadic way of life.

Thank you for supporting this nomadic olympic ice hockey dream!


For more information you may contact:

Maria Suescun Pozas, Seedling for Change in History Ice Hockey Olympic Challenge Director

Associate Professor, Department of History, Brock University


phone: 905-380-0570

Twitter: @MDCSuescunPozas


Cesar Rafael Maldonado Mercado, Project Manager


Are you interested in helping us out? Contact Maria and Cesar through the channels listed above, or get in touch with us right here in the comments section!

We leave you here with the photos from Maria’s recent visit to Puga Valley school, where she met some of our Olympic hopefuls and their teachers: