A large part of our mission is to create connections. Even when someone is far away, a connection can be maintained over great distances with even the smallest of tokens. We at Seedling for Change in History have encouraged everyone we meet, at home and abroad, to keep in touch with us — not only via this website and our social media channels, but also through more traditional, physical mail. In particular, we have invited friends to send us postcards, which we will display here on the blog alongside any other physical correspondences, whenever we receive them!

The first postcard out of the Mailbox comes to us from Dave Howell of St. Catharines. Dave has sent us a beautiful, hand-coloured postcard that speaks to the creative and nature-loving heart! Thank you, Dave! With love from Maria and Seedling for Change!


Front of hand-coloured postcard from Dave Howell Back of postcard from Dave Howell