We first posted this image on our old website, back before we got our own domain and were still being hosted for free on wordpress.com. While the URL on the graphic is no longer accurate, it’s still a great picture with a great message, so we’re sharing it here with you today:

Proud to be Canadian: a t-shirt Made in Mexico

This is a t-shirt that seed researcher Ryan Laxton treasures. It is an example of how each of us can find in our closet a piece of clothing that invites making connections to create value in the spirit of Seedling for Change in History. That was what Ryan discovered after joining the team of seed researchers. We asked Ryan to bring it and sent out John Raimondo on a special mission to invite others to see what Ryan saw. We find Latin America in unexpected places throughout the Niagara Region. All it takes for us all to discover it is a desire to connect and a good sense of humor!

Keep looking. Share your findings with us!