Event Details

Seedling for Change in History

Making History Together

Academic Community Engagement in Teaching and Research in History

 Department of History

Brock University

GLN573A Glass Room 201

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

6-8 pm

6 pm               Party begins in Glass Room 201

6:10 pm         Welcome words – MdCSP, Attention Photo/Film and Consent Forms. Story, Partners & Acknowledgements (Poster 1)

A special thank you to Cameron Ward

6:17 pm         Welcome words – JAR

6:17 pm         Maria again – Presentation of Seed Researchers

Presentation of the Team

Grab some snacks and drinks

6:25 pm         We move to the Hall (Poster2)

In Projection Room (Posters 3-9)

Official launch of Seedling for Change in History Website

6:35 pm         Come back for a toast to Glass Room 201

Presentation of gift to Artist in Residence

6:40 pm         Closing Remarks

Postcards, please take one home with you, send us feedback, ideas this spark, inspiration, with your address, we will mail you back Milkweed Seeds.

6: 45 pm        Invitation to continue eating and connecting, ask Seed Researches and members of the team questions about the project, their work, and their participation.