Welcome to Seedling for Change.org! This website serves as the home base and info hub for all of Seedling for Change‘s projects.

Seedling for Change in Society and Environment is a collective of people who plant and nourish seedlings of creative transformation that engage in diverse ways. Through practises of dwelling, making, engaging and connecting in History and Heritage, Sports and Health, Sustainability and Environment, Culture and Arts, and Education SCS&E creates new value.


We ask: what does ‘value’ mean to you?


A Little History

In the beginning, our core initiative (as set out by our founder, Dr. Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas) was to link communities in Canada – and particularly the Niagara Region – with communities throughout Latin America. This would be accomplished through community outreach in both areas, alongside the ongoing study and promotion of each region’s history and culture, helping to bridge gaps, and find – and create – shared experiences and histories.

Since our humble beginnings, however, our vision has expanded. We have participated in projects throughout the world, in such places as India, the Himalayas, and Japan, and we seek to continue this expansion. Our initiative has become a global one: wherever help is needed, and wherever a human connection can bring about positive change, we aim to be there.


Get The Bug!

To find out more about us, check out the About Us section, and then have a look through our Event Calendar and Diary (and its subtopics, including our journal, The Seedling Dispatch) to get involved in our latest projects, discussions, and community efforts! You can also get in touch with us through our social media channels, or contact our founder directly via e-mail: msuescunpozas@brocku.ca



Day of the Dead Niagara 2018 Invitation

For three years in a row, Seedling for Change in Society and Environment and community partners across Niagara invite all to honour the memory of ancestors, reminisce about a shared past, and cultivate knowledge and understanding in the present by celebrating Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).
The festivity encompasses building altares and making ofrendas in a celebratory atmosphere.
Beginning November 1 st. See poster for locations, information on concert and workshop.
Wish to help building the altares? Wish to make ofrendas? Wish to build an altar in your community? Wish to host a workshop?

Summer Institute for Peace in Civil Society (SI4PiCS)

Welcome to the first Summer Institute for Peace in Civil Society at Brock University (Hamilton campus), 2018!

This year we focus on juveniles (12-17), youth (18-30) and gangs.

Day 1

The first day of the Summer Institute focuses on strategies, practices and policies for youth gang demobilization. Workshop topics may include and are not limited to: disarmament and demobilization; gang classification and its problems and limits; half-way housing and supporting ex-gang members; prisons and gang entrenchment; the role for religion in gang exit; community courts and conflict resolution.

Day 2

The second day focuses on initiatives that facilitate autonomy and competence for the exit of gang members and their inclusion and reintegration towards restorative community relations. Workshop topics may include and are not limited to: cooperative economic enterprises; individual and community trauma recovery therapy; occupational skills training and development; education initiatives that enhance and reinforce collaboration and conflict resolution; gang truces and community engagement; women girls and gangs.


Share Peace, Discover Niagara River Project

Week of the Dead, St. Catharines 2017