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Project Spotlight: Seed Researcher Laura-Lee Karen Burey

Today in our Project Spotlight, we have a look at the work done by Seed Researcher Laura-Lee Karen Burey in the Winter term of 2016.

Burey’s topic was Racial Intermixture in Canada and Latin America: the Métis and and the Mestizo in History, and the objective was to reveal the true story of the Métis people in the Niagara Region and the Mestizo people of Latin America by connecting their histories of colonial transculturation and racial intermixtures. Part of this project included the creation of an exhibit at the Welland Museum using their existing Métis collection and correlating it with the Mestizo culture. The below poster displays several of the artifacts explored in Burey’s work, along with more detail on the process of the project.

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Insight: Proud to be … ?

We first posted this image on our old website, back before we got our own domain and were still being hosted for free on While the URL on the graphic is no longer accurate, it’s still a great picture with a great message, so we’re sharing it here with you today:

Proud to be Canadian: a t-shirt Made in Mexico

This is a t-shirt that seed researcher Ryan Laxton treasures. It is an example of how each of us can find in our closet a piece of clothing that invites making connections to create value in the spirit of Seedling for Change in History. That was what Ryan discovered after joining the team of seed researchers. We asked Ryan to bring it and sent out John Raimondo on a special mission to invite others to see what Ryan saw. We find Latin America in unexpected places throughout the Niagara Region. All it takes for us all to discover it is a desire to connect and a good sense of humor!

Keep looking. Share your findings with us!

In The Media: A Day In The Life – Dr. Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas (The Brock Press)

Check out this feature on our founder, Dr. Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas, which appeared in last month’s The Brock Press! This article, written by former Brock Press Editor in Chief and current Seedling for Change member Steve Nadon, was written as part of The Brock Press‘ “Humans of Brock” issue, and highlights Dr. Suescun Pozas’ accomplishments as a researcher, as a professor, and as Seedling for Change’s founder.

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Postcard from Dave Howell

A large part of our mission is to create connections. Even when someone is far away, a connection can be maintained over great distances with even the smallest of tokens. We at Seedling for Change in History have encouraged everyone we meet, at home and abroad, to keep in touch with us — not only via this website and our social media channels, but also through more traditional, physical mail. In particular, we have invited friends to send us postcards, which we will display here on the blog alongside any other physical correspondences, whenever we receive them!

The first postcard out of the Mailbox comes to us from Dave Howell of St. Catharines. Dave has sent us a beautiful, hand-coloured postcard that speaks to the creative and nature-loving heart! Thank you, Dave! With love from Maria and Seedling for Change!


Front of hand-coloured postcard from Dave Howell Back of postcard from Dave Howell

Project Spotlight: “Think Latin America Niagara, Think Niagara Latin America”

Next up in our Project Spotlight series, we take a look at a project related to our previously-explored project Think Latin America Canada, Think Canada Latin America:

This project is entitled, Think Latin America Niagara, Think Niagara Latin America

Narrowing the focus from all of Canada as a nation, Think Latin America Niagara, Think Niagara Latin America focuses on connections we can make right here in the Niagara Region.

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Welcome, one and all, to Seedling for Change‘s new website!

At its core, the purpose of this website is to reach out to our community and invite discussion, brainstorming, feedback, and connection. Not only do we want to hear from you, but we want you to hear from each other! Seedling for Change is, at its heart, about building a network of passionate contributors and, most importantly, friends who can share in one another’s visions and create positive change at every level. As such, we welcome and encourage discussion in the comments. Our home is your home.

And so, to start things off on a lighthearted note, we begin with these two “contracts” from the Mackenzie Printery in Queenston, ON, visited by our own Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas and Steve Nadon.

Using a screen reader and/or can’t view images? The attached two images read as follows:

PRINTER’S INDENTURE: Let it be known that (Maria del Carmen Suescun Pozas / Steve Nadon) By printing this brief contract has hereby agreed to apprentice in W.L Mackenzie’s Printing Office, and after the manner of an apprentice shall dwell, remain, and serve for the duration of the term of seven years. The said apprentice shall faithfully serve and follow the rules of this establishment. Dice, cards, or any other unlawful games they shall not play. Matrimony within the said term they shall not contract. Taverns and Ale-houses they shall not haunt. On this glorious day, Monday, May 9, 2016.

Have you ever been to the Mackenzie Printery? We’d love to hear your experiences!

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